Exploratory surgery

There were peeries and a steek

Wouldn’t it be cool to knit a stranded-colourwork-sampler-wall-hanging-thingie?

I have lots of blue left from the jumper. There was a trip to the wool shop for more all the colours. Sadly they had no orange or purple, just an insipid lavender that didn’t make the cut. But I bought more of the red, light blue, and green that matched the blue so well.

Or not, as I discovered when I got home. Colour memory is really lousy. The green was right, the light blue was slightly wrong and the red was especially wrong. Most annoying; I could have used my phone to look them up here, where I cleverly recorded the colour numbers with the swatches I knit from them.

There were calculations to determine how many stitches were required to knit in the round on the shortest cable, in multiples of 24—so neatly divisible by so many numbers. It is very hard to connect the minimum number. There were last minute miscalculations about how many stitches should be added. There was knitting. And knitting and knitting. And knitting and knitting.

Perhaps more a mural than a wall hanging…

There was frogging and the discovery of another benefit of the knitted cast on: the stitches hold their shape and are easily picked up. It is very hard to connect the minimum number, but do it anyway. It works itself out.

There was knitting of a few rounds and then purling of a round to stop the rolling, which resulted in a stupid border. But then there were peeries! In all the (wrong) colours!

There was a go/no go analysis.

A practice steek won out on the no go side. Decision made, there was a too-quick bind off. Border anyone? Maybe something elegantly rolled to match the bottom? So you don’t have to use playing cards in the photo?


Mr. Bookman agrees that the especially wrong red was an especially poor choice for that particular motif.

There was a steek. The crocheting and the cutting were unremarkable, but the sewing and the bulky edges were painful. I’ll show you the back with the floats, but I won’t show the sewing. No, please don’t keep asking.

Nice floats
Nice floats.

Now to decide what to do with what I learned.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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