Stranded colourwork sampler project plan

It’s a plan, man

Pattern Design Sampler of fair isle motifs, peeries, and all-over designs
Source Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor
Anthology by Tin Can Knits
Yarn Name Heirloom Merino Fleck, Shade 568, Lot 1808281
Heirloom Merino, Shade 581 (dark red)
Heirloom Merino, Shade 217 (light blue)
Heirloom Merino, Shade 235 (green)
Heirloom Merino, Shade 509 (yellow)

Heirloom Merino, Shade 218 (dark yellow) – maybe
Heirloom Merino, Shade 512 (red) – probably not
Heirloom Merino, Shade 526 (pale blue) – probably not
Fibre 100% wool
Ballband 8 ply, 105 meters / 50 gm, 4 mm needle, 22 stitches / 10 cm
WPI 10
Amount TBD × 50 gm balls (x oz)
Gauge Stitch 4.5 / inch
Row 6.5 / inch
Needles KnitPro Symfonie 4.5 mm (US 7)
Construction Method Work stranded colourwork in the round, then steek
Cast-on knitted
Bind-off crochet
Steek 5 stitch solid stockinette panel
single crochet edge preparation
Edge treatment Cast on + 1 round knit then seed stitch x rounds
Calculations Width 120 stitches = 26.7 inches
5 × 24 stitch panels
5 steek stitches
Length 24 inches = 156 rows
Cast on 125 stitches
Measurements Length TBD
Width TBD

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