The jumper, day 10

In which there is great excitement

After a bit of super fast tinking back to a missed increase, all the increases were done and it was time to separate the body from the sleeves. Very, very excitement!

Elaine is that excited
Elaine is that excited.

Unlike yesterday, the tinked stitches were all mounted in the same direction, albeit backwards.

Even though it looks enormous, in the final trying on before the separation I was concerned the armhole would be too tight. But when I separated and cast on the extra stitches under the arms, I realised those stitches would also be added in to the sleeves and all would be well. At least I hope that’s what will happen.

I did a sanity check after the first couple of rows of the body, counting everything, and all was well: 110|78|110|78. For once. This was excitement in and of itself.

And in further excitement, there was a new ball of wool joined in. The party was in full swing.

Finishing the body should go pretty fast, since the rounds have much fewer stitches and the underarm already appears to be about waist level. I hope I can get it finished before it gets too hot. It’s already getting heavy and noticeably warm in my lap while I’m working.

I’m checking into ways to knit both sleeves at once. So far I have only found one post but my research in ongoing. My failed attempt at socks last year a year ago two years ago (OMG) was two at a time, and that wasn’t what derailed me. My problems with the socks included teeny needles (3 mm, LOL) that smelled bad (sorry, Addi, but they do) and my finally-conquered-inexplicably-increasing-stitch-count. I can’t remember to KFB when I’m supposed to, but back then I could KAFB about every row. Thanks to Lucy Neatby, I now know what a knit stitch is and just where to stab it.

If I can get this jumper on my body I will wear it every single day. Next winter.

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