The jumper, day 16

In which the knitter is disgusted

The giant holes in the underarms are disgusting, even though I knew they were coming and kind of know how to fix them. Surely that area will always be weak.

Knitter, model, juggler
Knitter, model, juggler.

Knitting sleeves in the round is disgusting.

The jumper is disgusting.


I found a dropped stitch and fixed it, easy peasy. That was not disgusting.

VeryPink Knits to the rescue under the arms, using duplicate stitches to fix the holes. My holes were a bit more pronounced, shall we say, than the ones depicted in the video, but the technique still worked. The underarms are less disgusting.

Knitting sleeves in the round is still disgusting.

The jumper isn’t that disgusting.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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