The jumper, day 18

In which the knitter works out

I worked out I could fix a split stitch a few rows back by dropping it down to the problem and laddering it back up. Captain Obvious, I know.

Also I worked out tensioning with magic loop, or whatever you call what I’m doing with the sleeves. (It isn’t magic loop like in the movies.) When you make the turn, you tend to want to pull tight to avoid the laddery gap. But pulling resizes the stitch to the cable. So you need to either pull up the stitch and leave a little ladder to compensate or pull up the ladder and leave the stitch loose (is this even possible?). The first few inches I kept having areas where the stitches were so tight it was hard to get them back on the needle when they came around again. But now I have it sorted.

Elaine usually wears the jumper at night. We turn off the heater in the lounge room and she gets cold, poor dear.

The sleeves are 33% done
The sleeves are 33% done.

I made a spreadsheet to keep track of progress on the sleeves, as you do. Also used as a motivational tool. Because boring.

The sleeve working system
The sleeve working system.

I worked out (again?) that it was somewhat easier to work on the sleeves while Elaine is wearing the jumper. The yarn doesn’t get so tangled and I remember to twist the sleeve back and forth rather than round and round.

Don’t laugh, but in the photo I edited out the larger dust bunnies on the carpet. I know, who does that?

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