The jumper, day 3

In which a new ball of wool is joined

I started the day with my first trying-on. The designer says: “It’s no big deal at this point to rip it out, make whatever adjustments and knit it again.” I agree with this in theory, but since (a) I’ve not knit a jumper (or anything else) before and (b) I don’t own the sort of jumper I’m knitting, I don’t really know what adjustments I would make. The neck looks a bit largish perhaps. I’m pretty sure I won’t be gifting it to a hapless victim relative who is smaller than I am. Being somewhat fond of sloppy, shapeless clothing, there is still hope that I can wear it myself.

The knitting today has been unremarkable, in a zen-like, round-and-round sort of way. I’ve become quite adept at recognising a KFB on the needle, so I haven’t had to count so much to ensure I haven’t missed one. In actual fact, I’m a bit overdue for a count as I haven’t counted at all. Shhhh.

Also, I’ve joined in a new ball of wool.

New ball of wool
No, all the photos do not look alike. This one shows the ends where the new ball of wool was joined.

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