The jumper, day 4

In which serious mistakes are made

It is to laugh. You may recall I mentioned yesterday that I hadn’t counted in a while…

Apparently at some point I decided it would be fun to add some extra increases in the middle of the front neck, around the purple markers that have nothing to do with increases. I removed them by dropping the stitches and laddering them back up, sans extra KFB stitches. This left some very loose stitches in their place.

An inconspicuous mistake
At least it’s an inconspicuous place, so no one will notice.

Then there was another trying-on. To be sure the neckline still looks largish, but it now looks more like the collar will take care of that. But the rest looks a tad snuggish. I not so sure those smaller relatives are out of the woods yet, there could still be an unwelcome Christmas pressie.

Own the wrinkles
Own the wrinkles.

This morning, I couldn’t shake the feeling there was still something wrong. An analysis ensued, requiring most of my new knitting tools.

Definitely something wrong
Yep, there’s definitely something wrong.

The next last marked stitch was definitely twisted. I dropped the stitch (again) and laddered it back up, properly this time. It’s amazing how much the fix settles the eye, even though it still looks all stretched out.

All better now
All better now.

Now I can get back to the knitting.

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