The jumper, day 6

In which there is good progress and fewer mistakes

The jumper, modelled by my trusty mannequin, TR-6. (Seinfeld, S5, E15)

I prefer to think of her as... Elaine
I prefer to think of her as… Elaine.

Just a few things of note:

A new ball of yarn was joined in, hence the dangly bits at left. Third ball already. Do I have enough yarn? If I run out I guess I can always do stripes. (Little joke from yesterday.)

The prominence of the BM of day 4 has receded somewhat, perhaps in response to the gentle round-and-round massage as the knitting continued. It’s still visible, to be sure, but not nearly so much as I expected. My hope is that when the jumper is washed, it will sort itself out. Wool has memory and hopefully this wool will remember that it wasn’t originally all stretched out. If that doesn’t work, maybe I can tease the bigness into the surrounding stitches. Or embroider a giant flower.

Or maybe just glare. “WTF are you staring at? Mate.”

You may note the increase marker is dangling by a removable marker. The error de jour is forgetting to toggle the increase marker in and out. I’m getting really good with the raglan markers. You can zone out the rest of the round but right here, right now, you have to pay attention. Either you need to increase or you need to be sure you increased last time around. But for some reason today I’m just blowing by the BOR marker without toggling in the increase marker. I know, know, know not to improvise any increases here. That lesson took. And I note-to-self that I’m now on an increase round, so I’m catching it at the first raglan. But still. Really?

I admit I was also reading, but I have to work this out. Sometimes just knitting is enough. Other times it is a background activity.

Or maybe I have to wait until I’m past the increase rounds for that.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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