The jumper, day 9

In which several things almost happen

We packed lunch and the knitting and drove to Orford to visit the Three Thumbs State Reserve. Along the way I began to feel slightly unwell and put the knitting aside. We went to nearby Spring Beach to have lunch before heading to the lookout at Three Thumbs. Spring Beach is a very small, very beautiful beach that looks out to Maria Island. From the signage across the street, it is soon to be ruined by development.

Also across the street, a very accommodating echidna posed for photographers for the entire time we were there. (I’ve linked to Google images because we didn’t join the queue.)

At first I thought lunch revived me, but after a brief walk on the beach I changed my mind and we drove back home instead. It was as anticlimactic as it sounds, actually.

I got back to the knitting later in the day. The highlight was a long section of tinking, which I got much better at. I learned it was easier to turn the work over and do it from the back side so I could work with my right hand.

I knew I was tinking two different ways which was mounting some of my stitches incorrectly, but I didn’t bother figuring out which was correct. I learned in Knit Faster with Combination Knitting how to knit into the back of incorrectly mounted stitches. (Though I feel compelled to comment that the cookie analogy therein did not work for me.) Combination knitting is a variation on continental knitting with much easier, but backwards mounted, purl stitches. Sadly my wrists did not like combination knitting at all.

In addition to almost visiting Three Thumbs and almost being sick in the car, I almost joined in a fourth ball of yarn and almost knit to the part where you separate out the sleeves.

No gratuitous image today. Gratuitous images. Camera practice at Kingston Beach, July 2018. Because dogs.

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