The jumper, days 19 to 23

In which sleeves are knit

When we left our intrepid first-jumper-knitter on day 18, the stockinette section of the sleeves was about a third complete, i.e., according to the Master Spreadsheet they were 33.3% complete. As of five minutes ago, they are now ready for ribbing with lifelines is in place.

I used sewing thread for the lifelines because it was something I could easily get through the hole in the IC cable. It looks flimsy and I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to knit around. I did it more for the chance to try the technique of drawing it through on the needle than because I think I need them.

Disaster is imminent.

The sleeves looked a little shortish where I intended to stop (52 stitches), so I did two more rounds of decreases (48 stitches), so the count would be divisible by four for 2:2 ribbing. Now they look a bit longish, but without any experience it is hard to predict if any/how much length will be taken up in the transition area. I think you want a tad bit of blousiness where the stockinette changes to ribbing.


At the shorter length, it looked as though each ball of yarn would just be finished. This left me again entertaining the idea of another colour for the ribbing. But the ball ran out in the second sleeve eighteen stitches from the end. I took this as an omen to continue with the same colour.

I’m trying something new, knitting one sleeve from the centre pull of the new ball and the other sleeve from the outer end. But I didn’t want to open/break/what-is-the-correct-term? two new balls and I want to be able to go back and forth between the two sleeves as needed to make sure they are the same.

This could end in tears.

There isn’t much else to say. No life-changing revelations, just round and round and round and round. Which is why I glommed the posts for these days together and didn’t bore you with SSDD.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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