Plan B Final Revised v2

It’s another plan, Stan

I started with knitted cast on and seed stitch. I should have gone down a needle size I think. I hated the way it looked. I ripped it out.

I started with knitted cast on and garter stitch. Cleverly, I didn’t join the work until I was done with the garter stitch. No purls. Positioned the unjoin in the middle of the steek and joined. No cut required. Good thinking, 99.

Knitted cast on looks shit. Just the odd stitch but enough to ruin the overall look of the edge, which may also be too narrow. I meant to start with a provisional cast on so I could learn that skill and deal with the edge treatment later.

I am not starting over. This is a sampler. Get over it.

Lucy Neatby helped enormously with steeks, especially with the “conjuring trick” to eliminate yarn tails and the advice to be generous with the steek. I changed to a six stitch steek: B A B B A B. She wouldn’t actually consider this generous, BTW.

I haven’t decided about the single colour row issue and whether to carry another colour to continue stranding. Many people consider this a waste of yarn. OTOH, it is no longer completely stranded, which is kind of the point.

I did the right thing and bought the Sheila McGregor book, Traditional Fair Isle Knitting, instead of looking at poor quality, crooked scans from the inter-webby-net-thing. Well worth it: good quality scans and loads of patterns. The history part was an interesting read.

Photos to follow…

Or not…

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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