Work complete

Whole lotta learnin

I finished the stranded colourwork sampler a couple of interesting* weeks back. There’s a whole lotta learning in this piece. I worked through tension issues, pattern issues and an ugly cast on border. The last one I dealt with by picking up stitches above the border, cutting off the ugliness and refinishing the edge. Very good experience.

Here’s a somewhat blurry photo.

I don’t yet know what it will “be.” Here it is posing as a photography model for more blurry photos. This blurring was intentional but ill placed. More learning required here.


I’ve embarked on a new one-a-day challenge for photographs to improve my skills, over on my my Instagram page. You can also find pictures of our not-soon-enough-to-be new house†.

Oh, I forgot, the title… did you ever play Warcraft?


*See †
† Big news causing *

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