The jumper, day 27

In which the knitter is bored

Blocking is boring.

Boring like sitting around waiting for paint to dry, only it’s a jumper and you want to wear it because it’s the last cold day for months and months. Uh, yeah, right, I live in Tasmania. (For another three weeks and three days.)

Boring like aimless wandering. What do I do now I’m done knitting this? Wasn’t there supposed to be a party or something?

Dry, dammit, dry
Dry, dammit, dry.

I can’t tell until I put it on, but it looks wider and shorter. I was hoping for longer and skinnier. (Aren’t we all?)

It also doesn’t look like blocking did much for the boo-boo in the centre front. You can tell me you don’t even see it, but I know better. I even used Wendy Bernard’s trick from My First Seamless Sweater and beat it with a wooden spoon. Nup.

But it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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