The jumper, days 24 and 25

In which the knitter tidies up

Lookie! Lookie! What cute little cuffs on the sleeves!


Now all she needs is a collar neckband (don’t want to scare you) and a few more inches down the bottom.

It’s lovely getting rid of the extra balls of yarn and the cables from the sleeves. I thought of picking up the neck now to get that PITA out of the way, but cable. I also wove in all the ends thus far and trimmed them off. Feels like a big, scary bit of finality, that snip.

Some of those few more inches have been knit. It was such a pleasure to get back to real knitting in the round. It was so effortless that for a brief moment I considered making it a dress. And that would make so much sense because I wear the heck out of dresses.

I don’t know where to stop though. This yarn does tend to relax a bit when it is washed and I don’t know how to take that into consideration. I can do the math, but it doesn’t help when you’re looking in the mirror. I decided to knit narrow ribbing like on the sleeves, so that will add an inch, which is hard enough to imagine.

The drama of it all is so overwhelming.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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