Swatch 4

Garter stripe with ruching

This swatch is garter stripe with ruching in Merino Magic 8-ply, shade 509, 4.5mm then 5.5mm needles, 15 stitches cast on. For the ruching, you KFB each stitch and then K2T after the desired number of rows to return to the original width. With the smaller needles, the ruched bit was too stiff. It was better with the larger needles, but I’d also like to try slightly fewer increases.

Garter stripe with ruching
Garter stripe with ruching.

My original idea was to have the ruching on the front yoke and “plain” garter stripe on the back of the new jumper, but now that doesn’t seem a very good application for this stitch. I do think there’s a place for it somewhere though.

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