The jumper, day 11

In which progress is largely unseen

I knit almost a full ball of yarn with no appreciable progress. The rounds go much more quickly with fewer stitches and no increases. But it sure doesn’t seem like anything much is happening.

Visible (to me) progress on the blog though. I successfully made a child theme, which enables me to update the parent theme at any time without losing my customisations. I think I am done with all the tweaking now. I only have one more idea, she says, laughing hysterically. There’s always one more idea…

Elaine wears it better
Elaine wears it better.

I had my first trying on since the separation. I think the shoulders and body fit well. I’m not planning to do any shaping on the body, but I may have to shape the heck out of the sleeves. Maybe I should have stopped the increases for them a few rounds sooner? I didn’t take into account the extra stitches under the arm when I calculated the circumference. You can’t really tell in the picture, but they look big.

I have some data analysis work on for tomorrow, but I’m sure there will be knitting too.


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