The jumper, day 14

In which there are mathematical computations

The trying on was excellent. I think it will fit. As in, fit me.

Later I decided it might be time to start the sleeves. I don’t think I will do two at a time using magic loop. I already have them on IC cords, so I can just swap the needles back and forth. Ten rows on one, ten rows on the other. The whole reason for this is being afraid they won’t come out the same if I don’t do them at the same time.

I don’t have real measurements yet, but I can estimate for some sweater math.

  • sleeve = 88 stitches (78 on cord + 10 cast on) ~ 18 inches
  • at cuff ~ 10 inches = 50 stitches
  • 88 – 50 = 38 stitches to lose = 19 decreases
  • sleeve length ~ 14 inches * 6 rows/inch = 84 rows / 19 decreases = 4.5 rows/decrease

This means a decrease of two stitches every four rows—right in line with the designer’s calculations.

I’ll confirm with real measurements before I get started with the sleeves.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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