The jumper, day 15

In which stitches are picked up

Another ball gone. I joined in #6.

There was another trying on and I think I am done with the body except for the ribbing. I was a bit surprised because it doesn’t look very long at the underarms.

A quick bit of practice picking up stitches. The first time I did this on the test collar, I worked from the private side and it left little yellow dots. This confirms that you work from the public side. The crochet hook is easy and it connects to the IC cords, but it does tend to untwist the yarn a bit, as you can see here.

Picking up stitches
Picking up stitches.

Whilst trying on, I got new measurements and recalculated. The sleeve length is shorter because of raglans. I knew this would be the case but not how much.

  • sleeve = 88 stitches (78 on cord + 10 cast on) ~ 18 inches
  • at cuff ~ 10 inches = 50 stitches
  • 88 – 50 = 38 stitches to lose = 19 decreases
  • sleeve length ~ 12 inches * 6 rows/inch = 72 rows / 19 decreases = 3.8 rows/decrease

I started each sleeve separately, so I have three balls of yarn on the go. The plan is to work back and forth between the sleeves so they match.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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