The nascent jumper

In which money is spent and swatches are knit

Online classes are watched. Blogs are read. Coins drop. Jumper patterns are studied.

Yarn is purchased. Tools are purchased. Swatches are knit. Stitches are counted. Techniques are practised.

More yarn is purchased, in quantities sufficient to knit a jumper. It’s confirmed that dye lots are a thing. More tools are purchased. More swatches are knit. More stitches are counted. More techniques are practised.

Even more yarn is purchased, in quantities sufficient to alleviate paranoia. Because dye lots are a thing. Even more tools are purchased. Even more swatches are knit. Even more stitches are counted. Even more techniques are practised.

Acquisitions and swatches
Acquisitions and swatches.

You know, I’ve heard that buying craft supplies is a different hobby from using craft supplies.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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