The jumper, day 1

In which stitches are cast on, twice

No more procrastination. I’ve swatched and blocked and counted and calculated until I no longer care. I’m going to knit a jumper and it will fit someone. Bonus points if it’s me.

I’m using Karen Templer’s Improv: Basic pattern for a top-down seamless sweater. The idea is to shape the front neck working back and forth. Once you’re happy with the neck, you cast on enough more stitches to match the back neck count, join and continue in the round. Later on, you add the collar.

One false start: I missed the bit where you increase the front at the raglan markers AND at each end of the front neck. I cast on and placed my markers (1|10|32|10|1). I was knitting along and contemplating the math. Why is any math required? Since I’m only making the raglan increases, I already know how many more stitches will need to be cast on, no matter how deep the neckline. When it gets time to join, back neck minus front neck is going to be the same as the original back neck minus the original two front neck stitches. Way more stitches than given in the example. Reread instructions. Frog.

First jumper beginning
Sorry, didn’t have a photo from day one, so this is from day two.

Now it’s smooth sailing. I really like this yarn. I have needle tips that feel great in the hand. I have a proper length cable. I have tiny round stitch markers that don’t interfere with the increases. I have a great system* for keeping up with increase rounds. I have even, pretty stitches. I have a lovely glass of wine. Knitting is bliss.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

I split a stitch and have it on and off the needle. It drops. I fix it. There’s one of those giant long ladders now which I decide is another dropped stitch. I fix it. I decide I’d better count. There’s now a HUGE difference between the stitch counts at the front and back neck. I’m not knitting, but the counts keep changing. Inexplicably, sometimes one is odd and I’m not on an increase round.

And there’s no more wine.

I put the offensive item aside and drink one two of Gary’s beers. Knitting is horrible.

*If you care, I don’t at the moment, my system is: Toggle a larger “increase marker” by putting it in or taking it out every time you reach the BOR marker. Marker in, increase. Marker out, no increase.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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