The jumper, day 2

In which the knitter’s ability to follow simple instructions is revealed to be rubbish

Apparently, I cannot follow simple instructions, such as “count the stitches between the green thingies” and “KFB in the stitches on either side of the green thingies.”

I sorted out yesterday’s dropped stitch/not dropped stitch issue without any drama. And, after multiple recounts, I was able to establish that the HUGE difference between the counts at the front and back neck was one stitch, a missed increase at the front neck (25|28|50|28|24).

I analysed my options, as you do.

Option Pros Cons
Frog project Stitches are not precious Don’t learn anything
Frog back to joining round Invisible fix Don’t have a lifeline
Drop missed increase,
make KFB when laddering up
Invisible fix How would I even do this?
Tink back to missed increase Invisible fix 100 stitches, are you kidding?
KFB twice next round Could finish jumper in my lifetime Potentially hideous flaw at front neck

I implemented the last option. Then much time was wasted with me trying to read the increases in the raglan area, both live and in photographs. By the way, I’m also rubbish at reading my knitting, both live and in photographs. In the end, I decided that the split stitch loop right in the freaking middle of first row of the neckline is much, much hideous-er than the raglans.

Please feel free to point out the myriad flaws in my raglans and my photography. (I was going to show you the hideous split stitch loop, but now I can’t find it.)

Is this the good one?
Is this the good one?
Or is it this one?
Or is it this one?

A few rounds later it happened again (27|32|54|32|26). WTF? Is there a flaw in my increase round marking system? Last option implemented, again.

Also, system revised: Toggle a larger “increase marker” in or out every time you reach the BOR marker. Marker in, increase. Marker out, count.


So far, so good.

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