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Featuring an attempt to defy the laws of knitting

But first, here is #104, Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, completed. The central cables were successful, but I should have done a few more stitches on either side so the edges wouldn’t look so chewed-by-rats.

Anyway, I’m over lace and cables, at least for a while.

I went a different direction, determined to use all the colours in my next project. I have lots of blue left over but it needs company.

I learned that if you purl every five or six stitches you get a cool edge that won’t roll too much. I like this for the next jumper. I also became enamoured of the little hidden gap. Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could have colour in that gap that might show depending on how you moved?

Unfortunately, no matter how many tools employed, the gods of knitting were having none of it. They gave me amorphous blobs, disconnected from the rest of the knitting. I did learn how to make vertical stripes by crocheting in the ditch, but that destroys the ditch, so what’s the point? And it shows all the time. No, no, no.

Thoroughly disheartened, I turned to drink.

Actually I turned to Craftsy/Bluprint. First Eunny Jang’s Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure which was a great accompaniment to the books I recently purchased. Among other things, I learned the knitted and cable cast-ons, which will definitely feature in the next project.

Then, I might have looked at some colourwork lessons and learned how to strand more evenly.

Yes, Virginia, there will be peeries.

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