The jumper, day 5

In which the knitter remains undecided about spots

In between monitoring emails for client emergencies, setting up an Instagram account, a D&M with a neighbour friend, having the crown placed (finally) on a dental implant, shopping and forgetting to start dinner, there has been a little bit of knitting and a big bit of contemplation about colours.

When I bought the first of the yarn for swatching, I bought three colours that went together nicely. There was a striped jumper in my mind’s eye. I learned lot about how striped-jumpers-I-like are not constructed.

Uh, no
Uh, no.

Let’s stick with a solid colour jumper, shall we?

Then I knit a few inches of the pattern I’m using and added a collar with the yellow which I quite liked. Sorry, no photo, I frogged it. I knit another swatch recently that I don’t like so much but I think the first collar was probably 1:1 ribbing, so maybe that’s why.  I don’t like the one row of darker yellow in the collar, so ignore that. Also ignore the darker yellow stripey bits. I think the contrasting collar would be cute, but maybe in a way that should be saved for a toddler’s jumper.

Probably not
Probably not.

I also bought three more colours that might go nicely with the blue.

All the colours
All the colours.

A few stripes of coloured, textured stitches, towards the bottom, something like this. (Only not upside down.)

Cute, too cute
Cute, too cute.

I need some toddlers to knit for. (That’ll make my sister-in-law spit out her coffee.)

Being undecided about spots (Coupling S2E3) is blocking me from picking up the stitches around the neck and adding the collar. There’s no rush, I guess.

Let’s stick with a solid colour jumper, shall we?

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