The jumper, day 17

In which a new project is contemplated

The sleeves go on and on. They are slow and fiddly. My gauge has changed and I just found a mistake (accidental increase) further back than I’m willing to rip out. I learned from earlier experience that dropping the stitch back to fix this issue will be too noticeable. No one will notice this but me.

Well, I know you would, but I think I would have to give you a hint where to look unless you had plenty of time with nothing better to do.

So, today I found myself planning the next jumper. I haven’t learned all the lessons from this one yet, of course, but I want to try a different style.

Here are the considerations:

  • I’m not afraid of sewing a jumper together
  • I hate working small circumferences in the round
  • Stockinette in the round is ace because, otherwise, purls

This led to consideration of a dropped sleeve jumper, because:

  • I could knit the body in the round, no purls
  • I could do something a bit fancy on the yoke to jazz it up
  • The small circumferences would be knit flat, because purls win over circular here

Here’s a calculator for the drop sleeve sweater. I used the raglan sweater calculator on the current project.

I have some concerns about gauge with this plan, but then my gauge changed on the sleeves this time anyway. With three distinct bits, the differences should be less noticeable.

I think it’s a plan.

Go on, you know you want to say it...

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