The jumper, days 7 and 8

In which the knitter misses the target

I knitted right past the target for stopping the raglan increases. I know I have a thing with counting—you would never believe I was really good at math in school—but this wasn’t that. This was just being too lazy to look it up to see when it was coming.

Anyway, it didn’t turn out to be a drama. Elaine, a hanger with a top that fits well, and I all tried on the yoke. I did some long overdue measuring of my upper arm. I checked my real life gauge to see how well I was matching the swatches. All of this led me to decide further increases were required.

Based on recalculations, my new target is 50|78|100|78|50 and I’ll add 10 stitches to each underarm.

I found a chart a while back and it’s been helpful for defining terms and validating measurements. (Unfortunately the link is now broken.) Yes, it is for men’s clothing. I told you I like loose fitting clothes. What can I say? I grew up in the era of unisex clothes. No negative ease in my jumper.

Also during this time, I learned that when the stitches are getting all twisted on the needle, turn the needle toward the twist and when the cable pops back it untwists the stitches.

Here’s a completely gratuitous image. This is the first one I took and I hated all the clutter, so I tried and tried to recreate it after I cleared the table, then I gave up.

Hanging out waiting for action
Hanging out waiting for action.

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